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The Coronavirus pandemic has laid bare the limitations of humankind. In the Age of Knowledge Explosion, the best minds of the medical and the allied fields have so far not succeeded in understanding the nature and spread of the virus convincingly. Its treatment still not available; lockdown, isolation and quarantine appear to be the best possible approach to contain the virus.

In these uncertain times, containing the spread of infection is of paramount importance. We should comply with the instructions and the directives given by the government and health officials. We must play our part in tackling this pandemic by abiding by these directives and supporting the health workers and officials.

Totally or partially cut off from social life, we are confined in our homes and living a solitary life with minimum necessities. Facing an unknown adversary, humankind is frantically searching for solace and words of hope. A number of people are falling victim to this virus every day. The sheer helplessness of humans against Coronavirus has brought to the fore questions that have always puzzled humankind:

  • Is the world governed by chance, or is there an intelligent design behind everything?
  • What is the purpose of our life?
  • Why is there so much suffering in the world?
  • What is the compensation of suffering?
  • Is death the end of life?

Spirit of Islam is intended for the discerning individual, who is seeking answers to the most basic questions of life and beyond. Through the pages of this magazine, we hope to take you on a spiritual journey to help you find answers to such questions and to discover our Creator and His creation plan for us.

-Team Spirit of Islam


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