When the inhabitants of Paradise behold its bounties, they will exclaim:

All Praise be to God who has taken away all grief from us. Surely, our Lord is most forgiving and most appreciative. (THE QURAN 35: 34)

Aunique feature of Paradise is that there will be no sorrow. If this present world is a sorrow-filled world, Paradise will be a sorrowfree world. There will no physical or psychological sorrow in Paradise.

According to the Quran, in this world man has been given all that he requires (14: 34). But there is one thing that is an integral and necessary part of this world—and that is sorrow.

No matter what you acquire or achieve in this world,
there will always be an aspect of sorrow.

 No matter what you acquire or achieve in this world, an aspect of sorrow in some way or the other will always be included— through physical discomfort, psychological distress, fear of loss, sickness, boredom, accidents, unfulfilled desires, old age, death, apprehension about the future, the imperfectness of things, uncertainty, human limitations, lack of control over the results of one’s actions, fear of others, tension, and so on.

Paradise delivers immunity from all these worldly deficiencies. A place eternally free from sorrow is without a doubt, the ultimate destination for man. Anything less than that can certainly not be his ultimate destination. o

On Money 
Spending money is like sowing a seed. If the seed will bring you a good harvest, it is well worth sowing,
else it is better not to sow it at all.